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"Under Water"

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"Under Water" is one of the first tracks Alan began working on after O Positive disbanded. Inspired by his friend Chris Harford's song "Raise The Roof", Alan's vocal tone and delivery gives the track an ominous feel. Looking to really pack a punch with this one, Alan recruited Toxic Narcotic drummer Sam Jodrey to lay the smackdown on this angsty, guitar driven number.

Sam Jodrey Drummer

Under Water (Petitti)

You got the fever, its burning high

You count the days, they're going by

The pressures building, inside your head

You sleep on fire while it’s burning up your bed

You’re looking for, you keep looking

Now if I tell you, it's black or white

You see no difference, no day or night

If rhyme or reason doesn’t come your way

No right or wrong when off is on, it changes day to day

You’re looking for, keep looking, and looking

Where’s the water, its running dry, you’re under water

They try to keep you, on the ground

But flying high, is where you’re always found

So now you're running, to set yourself free

Still who you are, is still, who you’ll always be

You’re looking for, still looking, and looking

You’re under water, trying to fly, feel the water

Where’s the water, it's running dry, you’re under water


Alan Petitti - Vocals, Guitars, Bass

Sam Jodrey - Drums, Harmony Vocals

Written by Alan Petitti

Performed by Alan Petitti & Sam Jodrey

Arranged by Alan Petitti

Recorded and Engineered by Alan Petitti at ARP Studios Brockton, MA

Produced and Mixed by Alan Petitti at ARP Studios Brockton, MA

Drums and vocal harmonies Recorded by David Ingham at Dave's Place Newton, MA

Mixed by David Ingham & Alan Petitti at Dave's Place Medford, MA

Mastered by David Ingham at Dave's Place Medford, MA

"Under Water" from Alan Petitti's debut album SQUARE ONE.

 ℗ & © 2023 ARP Music

This website is dedicated to the loving memory of Mary Sullivan, Alex Lob, Jamie Willox

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