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Alan Petitti is an unorthodox musician who writes and produces songs much like a traditional artist creates a painting or a sculpture. He works meticulously with extreme diligence in order to produce recordings of the sounds he hears in his head. Like a jeweler crafting a fine stone, Alan's alchemy arrives by continuously adding and subtracting sonic elements. His process is not a quick one, as his best art can't be rushed. Alan isn't a one take settler, he's a multitracker multitasker who believes in stepping away from the canvas many times before finalizing a piece of work. Alan's musical compositions begin to take form by thinking outside the standard music box. In Alan's world, art is everywhere and everything is a potential instrument capable of being recorded to make music. For instance, if he feels a song calls for the subtle sound of natural flowing water, well then he's out in the woods recording a stream. Although Alan isn't a schooled musician, he has spent countless hours practicing in order to become proficient on multiple instruments such as drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, accordion, saxophone, trombone, violin, cello and mandolin. In many cases, this was done purely out of necessity, meaning if Alan was working alone on a song, he'd have to learn how to play all the parts himself. With that being said, Alan has never considered himself a great singer, but he possess the ability to deliver suitable lead vocals and harmonies which allow him to confidently emote the lyrics and melodies he writes. In the earliest days of O Positive, both Alan and Dave Herlihy shared lead vocal duties, with Alan singing half of the setlist as well as singing lead on the band's first radio single "What You Did". While Dave undeniably excelled in the lead vocal department, being a team player, Alan relinquished his lead vocal position to provide Dave with center stage space to become the band's frontman. Alan then leaned firmly into the producer role by experimenting with different recording techniques so that O Positive could refine and perfect their ideas. O Positive's single "With You" created a buzz around the Boston Music Scene when it first hit the radio waves as a four track demo recorded in Alan's basement. From four track cassette tape to eight track reel to reel, Alesis Digital Audio Tape to Pro Tools, Alan has an abundance of recorded material he's excited to share with you! Listen to SQUARE ONE.

Alan Petitti Guitar Player O Positive 1990 Dave Martin Photo
alan petitti musician artist
Alan Petitti Musician
Alan Petitti Sonny Barbato Piano
Alan Petitti O Positive Keyboardist
Alan Petitti O Positive Dave Herlihy
alan petitti o positive guitar player
Alan Petitti - Cello
This website is dedicated to the loving memory of Mary Sullivan, Alex Lob, Jamie Willox

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