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Alone in the woods, acoustic in hand, cabin door wide open, Alan finds this momentary peace of mind thinking of Mary and how she loved to sit on the porch listening to the soothing sound of rain drops. Like vinyl on a turntable, "Heartbeats" plays as the world keeps spinning, and when you least expect it, the needle suddenly lifts. With every ending comes a new beginning, and so Alan is back to Square One.

Alan Petitti - Heartbeats

Heartbeats (Petitti)

Hear the water's soothing sound

From the sky it’s coming down

I close my eyes and my heart beats to the sound

Rain keeps falling on the ground


Alan Petitti - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Written, Arranged & Performed by Alan Petitti

Recorded and Engineered by Alan Petitti at ARP Studios Brockton, MA

Produced and Mixed by Alan Petitti at ARP Studios Brockton, MA

Mixed by Alan Petitti & David Ingham at Dave's Place Medford, MA

Mastered by David Ingham at Dave's Place Medford, MA

"Heartbeats" from Alan Petitti's debut album SQUARE ONE.

 ℗ & © 2023 ARP Music

This website is dedicated to the loving memory of Mary Sullivan, Alex Lob, Jamie Willox

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