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"Still In Love With You"

Still In Love With YouALAN PETITTI
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Heartbreak can happen to anyone, at any given moment, for any given reason, but when it's due to an untimely passing of a spouse, the burden can be overwhelming to say the least. Whoever coined the term "tis better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all" couldn't possibly have known the sorrows of a young widower. Though Alan's positive demeanor may allow him to agree with that phrase, reminders of his loss are ever present. "Still In Love With You" captures Alan first thing in the morning, in his most vulnerable state. His emotional vocal is sung with true sincerity, full of love, respect, and eternal gratitude for the love of his life, Mary.

Alan Petitti - Still In Love With You

Still In Love With You (Petitti)

I woke up this morning feeling so blue

Sometimes I get these feelings when I dream about you

It's so hard all alone cause I’m, still in love with you

I cry in the mountains and I get a chill

My heart's beating faster while the world's standing still

My angel’s time to fly and we never had a chance to say goodbye

Well, I’m gonna love you in every way, and I feel you in my heart with me every day

Then the still dark night will take me on a flight

And then she kisses me, it’s so strong in my mind


I still remember your honey so sweet

So when I’m feeling lonely and so incomplete

I remember the good times and celebrate and sing this song for you

Sing this song for you


Well, we all get together, holidays too

And celebrate each other showing pictures of you

My pockets full of memories, and the love we all share

But when it's time to go home, what am I gonna do?


Cause when it’s all over and all's said and done

My tears they start falling and there’s nowhere to run

I’m all alone and I’m, still in love with you

So in love with you... In love with you

So in love with you

Still in love with you


Alan Petitti - Vocals, Piano

Written, Arranged & Performed by Alan Petitti

Recorded and Engineered by Alan Petitti at ARP Studios Brockton, MA

Produced and Mixed by Alan Petitti at ARP Studios Brockton, MA

Mastered by Richard Marr at Galaxy Park Studios Salem, MA

"Still In Love With You" from Alan Petitti's debut album SQUARE ONE.

 ℗ & © 2023 ARP Music

This website is dedicated to the loving memory of Mary Sullivan, Alex Lob, Jamie Willox

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