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Alan Petitti - Richard Marr - Sam Jodrey

Alan Petitti, Richard Marr, Sam Jodrey - Galaxy Park Studios

“I'd like to extend my gratitude to Richard Marr for joining in with my Square One project. At Richard’s Galaxy Park Studios, I would tell him what I was looking for in a mix, and then I would watch him manipulating through Pro Tools, making it happen. I would always be in awe and so pleased. I finally started calling him my Genie/Marr Genie, we both got a good laugh out of that.” - Alan Petitti 

Special Thanks and Appreciation for Richard Marr!

When all recording was completed for Alan’s ten song Square One LP, he went to Richard Marr at Galaxy Park Studios to mix and complete the album. After working together at Galaxy Park, Alan and Richard quickly grew a bond as good friends, and they both shared excitement working together to complete the Square One recordings. Alan knew he didn’t know enough about Pro Tools to reach what he was looking for with mixing his songs at home, but soon Richard began teaching and encouraging Alan so he could mix at his own ARP home studio.


Alan can’t express enough how important Richard’s involvement in mixing was...

“He was constantly there for me, teaching me Pro Tools, inspiring me and reassuring me that I could do it in my home studio, and achieve what I was looking for. Richard’s personality is professional, and very calming, whenever I felt stress building of not knowing how to navigate through Pro Tools in mixing, with a phone call Richard would walk me through it, both teaching me and calming me at the same time. Richard is not only a musician, guitar player, songwriter, he also has great skill in the studio with engineering, producing and mastering. I would highly recommend Richard to any musician or band looking to record their music. Richard’s artistic ability, professionalism, studio experience, along with his relaxing personality, would only be a plus to great results with your recording experience. Thank You Richard "Marr Genie" - Alan Petitti

Alan Petitti - Richard Marr - Galaxy Park
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