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"Fab Christmas"

Fab Christmas Alan Petitti O Positive
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Recorded on eight track somewhere around 1988 at John Golden's Roundwood Road Productions in Newton Upper Falls, MA.  Piano, bass, and drum tracks were recorded live. Lead vocals, electric guitar, cello, trumpet and sleigh bells were overdubbed, and the harmony vocals were recorded together as a group on one microphone. Drawing from his love for The Beatles, Alan was inspired by "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!" and "Penny Lane" when writing this one. Dave Herlihy picked up on it and suggested "Fab Christmas", as in a tribute to The Fab Four. However, unlike Lennon and McCartney,  Petitti and Herlihy agreed on the title, and now here it is. Cheers to a fabulous Christmas!

Fab Christmas (Petitti, Herlihy)

It's Christmas Time

Now here it is it's Christmas Day

A celebration's underway

Gathered here to give it all away

Outside the frosted window pane

The coldest warmest holiday

Looking for a place to stay

The church is separate from the state

It's Christmas Time

A wonderful life is on tv

Such a happy family

Everyone can raise their glasses high

A soldier lays his weapons down

The holidays have come around

Lights upon the Christmas tree

A savior's birth do you believe?

It's Christmas Time


Alan Petitti - Piano, Cello, Sleigh Bells, Harmony Vocals

Dave Herlihy - Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar, Harmony Vocals

John Coffey - Bass

Alex Lob - Drums

Artie Barbato - Trumpet

Jamie Willox - Harmony Vocals

Dave Martin - Harmony Vocals

Written & Arranged by Alan Petitti & Dave Herlihy

Performed by Alan Petitti, Alex Lob, John Coffey, Dave Herlihy,

Jamie Willox, Dave Martin, Artie Barbato

Recorded and Engineered by John Golden at Roundwood Road Productions Newton, MA

Produced and Mixed by Alan Petitti & John Golden at Roundwood Road Productions Newton, MA

"Fab Christmas"

 ℗ & © 2023 ARP Music

On Christmas Day
Christmas Wishes

12/20/2023 "Fab Christmas" aired on Bay State Rock hosted by Carmelita

This website is dedicated to the loving memory of Mary Sullivan, Alex Lob, Jamie Willox

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